We all know construction is a hazardous business. Construction activities engage around 14 million workers within more than 3 million enterprises within Europe. In total, construction contributes around 10% of Europe’s GDP. All of today’s ISHCCO presentations centre on the launch of this new qualification scheme.

But we begin with the benefits of a leadership management system in construction safety and health before examining, in line with the Construction Sites Directive 92/57/EEC, some the professional work of all co-ordinators within the EU28 that underpins the guiding principle of European safety and health legislation; prevention.

This is followed by a presentation that shows the economic benefits of prevention on a construction site. YES, you have read this correctly. Come and learn about conclusive studies about the economic benefits of prevention that proves a typical return of “better than two times the cost”. Much to learn and much to look forward to.

As the only international safety and health professional organisation with construction within its title, we conclude with a short presentation about and how ISHCCO members will be focusing over the next two years by working for all towards better regulation that will improve construction based activities that strive to ensure that every worker has a right to return home as he begins each day, and enjoy a long, healthy, and active working life that extends well into retirement.

ISHCCO is a campaign partner of EU-OSHA and a partner of ENSHPO.

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