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The foundation members saw the objective of the association as the protection of the safety and health of all the contributors to a building project



In cooperation with the representatives of the various member countries ISHCCO issues recommendations to improve the training of the coordinators within the given legal framework.



ISHCCO attaches great importance to the harmonization of its training program (and ongoing refresher courses) for health and safety coordinators and supports them with appropriate technical means, applicable to all of Europe.


ISHCCO congratulates Italian member AIAS (Associazione professionale Italiana Ambiente e Sicurezza) who have struck gold this month with the presentation to them of the City of Milan's prestigious certificate of merit.

Awarded for over 40 years of continuous AIAS contributions towards the effective implementation of good safety, health, and environmental practices within Italy, we say well done to President Giancarlo Bianchi and his team for their ongoing work. Very richly deserved.

Our members & sponsors

Our Sponsors

Our Members

Members ISHCCO (International Safety and Health Construction Coordinators Organization) are from different combinations of health and safety coordinators of the member countries of the EU and, indirectly, all their members.

According to the latest survey, currently ISHCCO defend the interests of over 50,000 coordinators in at least 14 European countries.

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  • Address: ISHCCO c/o Foyer Technique 4-6, Bd. Grande Duchesse Charlotte L-1330 Luxembourg

  • Phone: +39 0471285007

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